NEVER FOUND: Lyn McMillan and her sister, murder victim Gail Lynch.
NEVER FOUND: Lyn McMillan and her sister, murder victim Gail Lynch. contributed

Murder victim's sister: 'Let him die in jail'

A RENEWED push to see killers who refuse to reveal the locations of their victims' bodies kept behind bars has been welcomed by the family of murdered Warwick woman Gail Lynch.

The LNP has this week backed the proposed No Body, No Parole law, which would exclude killers from ever being freed from jail if they withhold their victims' whereabouts.

Ms Lynch's sister Lyn McMillan has been campaigning for the changes since her sister's killer, Toowoomba man Ian Phillip Hannaford, was last year convicted of the crime.

Hannaford was sentenced to life in jail for killing his former girlfriend in 2012. The Warwick woman's body has never been found.

Ms McMillan said although she wanted her sister's remains found, this law would bring justice, regardless of whether that happened.

"If they don't bring in this law, after 12 years Ian can go for a parole and live a fairly normal life - Gail will never be able to do that," she said.

"But if it comes in, he will die in jail. I can live with that, knowing he has died in there. We have each other out here and he has no one in there.

"What I can't live with is that he is allowed to walk free and hasn't said a word."

Ms McMillan said not knowing how her sister died or where her body was dumped was horrendous.

"It is the worst feeling and it's like part of you is always waiting for something to happen, but it never does," she said.

"You get up and think 'is today the day someone finds her?' You are up and down and up and down.

"It will never end for us until we find her, and if he dies, the secret dies with him. But if we find her - even if it is just part of her - at least we will have some closure.

"That will mean we can go and have a funeral and celebrate her life."

Member for Southern Downs Lawrence Springborg said he hoped the government would join in with support for the proposed changes.

"Having a loved one killed in any circumstances is horrific but not having that closure compounds that tragedy," he said.

"This will never bring them back but it will bring closure and reduce that constant pain and anxiety from not knowing.

"It will place the onus back on the perpetrators of the most heinous crimes to at least try and reconcile their own conscience, if they have one. And if they don't, they will die in jail."

A petition regarding the law is currently online at au/?recruiter_id=228598.

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