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Less sport, more movies for Aussies

LESS Australians are playing sport and more are going to the cinema, new figures have revealed.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures, released on Wednesday, have shown 60% of Australians more than 15 years old took part in sport or a physical recreation in 2013-14, compared to 65% two years before.

In comparison, 86% of Australians attended at least one cultural venue over the same period. A total of 12 million people went to the cinema, which was the most popular cultural event.

While most Australians attended a cultural event, only about a quarter of them took part in one.

Queenslanders had the lowest participation rate in sports and cultural activities, with just 54% of people aged more than 15 taking part in a sport and 24% in a cultural event.

New South Wales was above the national average in sport participation, with a 61.4% involvement rate, but below the national average in cultural participation with a 26% involvement rate.

Nationally more people are going to museums, botanic gardens and music concerts, but less are going to zoos or aquariums.


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