Leave birds alone

BIRDWATCHERS were disappointed last week to find a breeding pair of endangered pied oystercatchers had abandoned eggs in a nest at Belongil Beach following vandalism of a temporary fence.

Co-ordinator of Byron Bird Buddies co-ordinator, Jan Olley, said the fence sectioning off the nesting area had been pulled down last Tuesday, and some of the posts broken, and remained down for at least four days.

Educational signs alerting beach-goers to the nesting area and providing information about the birds were taken.

But she said there was no chance of survival for the two unborn chicks.

The birds had been nesting for three weeks.

The latest interference was made all the more disappointing to the group as the same pair had made three unsuccessful attempts to nest last year. They have used the Belongil area since 2004.

Ms Olley asked beach-goers to be aware of the birds and to leave them be.

She said there was a chance they could try to nest again this breeding season, which continues through to about November.

The Belongil Creek area has two breeding pairs of pied oystercatchers, while there are another three pairs at Brunswick Heads.

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