Learn how to make ‘green gold’

A Byron Council compost making workshop on Sunday May 9 will teach participants how to make ‘green gold’.

The council’s sustainability officer, Graeme Williams, said the free workshop would demonstrate various composting techniques that would allow participants to produce a valuable garden resource.

“The interactive workshop will provide the how to side of composting with plenty of tips for composting in backyard gardens of all sizes,” he said.

“Composting organic waste has many benefits including improved plant growth, decrease need for watering, control of weed growth, improvement in soil structure and helps reduce erosion.

“Another reason to compost is to reduce the everyday waste of organic matter that is more often than not thrown into garbage bins.”

The council’s environmental education officer Jude Mason said a household could reduce their organic waste output by around half through composting.

Ms Mason said food scraps and garden clippings that were not composted end up in landfill.

She said considering greenhouse gas emissions from landfills were a result of decomposing organic material, it made good sense to compost.

“If you can make your lunch or cook a cake you can make compost. Lots of folk think it’s harder than it actually is. It’s not a mysterious scientific formula at all.”

The composting workshop to be held at the Mullumbimby Community Garden is being run as part of international Compositing Awareness Week which runs in Australia from May 2 to 8.

To register for the free workshop, contact Graeme Williams or Jude Mason at the council on 6626 7000.

Other composting demonstrations will be at New Brighton Farmers Market from 8:30 - 9:30am on May 4 and Byron Bay Farmers Market from 7:30 - 8:30am on May 6.

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