The mystery over the jackpot winner continues.
The mystery over the jackpot winner continues.

$55m Powerball win still unclaimed

SOMEONE in Australia is $55 million richer - and they still have no idea.

The massive Powerball prize was drawn on January 11, but three weeks on, the mystery winner of the entire jackpot has still not claimed their cash from Tatts.

The winning ticket was purchased from Scole Lotto & News, Shop 6, 90-106 Sydney Rd, Brunswick, and the entry was unregistered, which means there is no way of tracking down the identity of the lucky punter.

Tatts spokeswoman Elissa Lewis said the $55 million prize has taken records into uncharted territory as it is the largest unclaimed prize in Australia's lottery history.

"It's been three weeks since the prize was won and we still don't know who the winner is or what they have been doing during the past three weeks," Ms Lewis said.

"What we do know is that with $55 million heading for their bank account during the past three weeks the winner could have purchased numerous properties of their choice featuring beautiful Victorian era architecture, along Sydney Rd, where the ticket to their fortune was sold.

"If they are a local hipster they could have pimped up their hipster lifestyle with 27,500 new fixies or bought 550,000 trays of avocados, celebrated with all their family and friends at one of Melbourne's best kept secrets the local Brunswick green or earned themselves around $30,000 per week in interest with an online savings account."

Ms Lewis said hopes of the winner coming forward were dwindling as time dragged on.

"The possibilities ahead for the mystery winner are endless and we have been anxiously waiting for the holder of the ticket to check their ticket, realise it's won them $55 million and come forward to claim their prize," she said.

"When they do contact us one of the first things we'll be asking they is why it took them so long to come forward to claim their prize.

"We also want to reassure them that any privacy concerns they may have about coming forward to claim their prize will be respected by Tatts and we can ensure that if they wish to remain anonymous they can celebrate their new multimillion-dollar lifestyle in private."

The ticket owner was the only winner in Powerball draw 1130, which offered the highest Australian lottery jackpot in 53 weeks.

The winning numbers were 32, 7, 5, 34, 38 and 11, while the all-important Powerball number was 12.

Tatts has reminded players to register their tickets to a Tatts Card so they could be contacted directly upon winning a prize.

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