Jacqui Lambie wants death penalty for terrorists who kill Australians

Lambie: Death penalty for terrorists who kill Aussies

FIREBRAND Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has told the senate that any terrorist found guilty of murder should face the threat of the death penalty in sentencing.

Ms Lambie said Australian juries must be given the option of delivering a death sentence to those convicting of killing others in their attacks.

"And while we're strengthening the laws of sedition and treason - let's also increase the maximum penalty for Sedition from 7 years to life in jail," Ms Lambie said in her senate speech overnight.


Ms Lambie said if Man Horon Monis had survived his siege in Sydney's Lindt Cafe, he should have been at risk of facing execution.

"Imagine if Man Horon Monis had survived the Sydney Lindt Café attack," she said.

"Should an Australian jury have had the option of sentencing the traitor and murderer to death? Absolutely."

In the same speech, Senator Lambie said Prime Minister Tony Abbott had bungled his attempts to remove Australian citizenship from terrorists. She said it would likely fail when challenged in the High Court.

"A politician depriving Australians of their nationalities is an arbitrary act, a court doing the same, after going through due process is not an arbitrary act," she said.

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