Kyogle father loses appeal on drug supply conviction

A KYOGLE father has failed in his bid to have a drug supply conviction quashed on the grounds the jury in his trial was exposed to prejudicial information about his past.

William Patrick Doolan was found guilty of supplying drugs and given a 15-month suspended sentence in the Lismore District Court in November, 2011.

He argued in NSW Criminal Court of Appeal that Judge Black should not have allowed certain pieces of evidence to admitted during his trial.

The controversy surrounded a stolen Jeep 4WD with a Queensland number plate, which was discovered in Doolan's shed before his home was searched in September, 2010.

The court heard Doolan denied having any knowledge the car was stolen and told police it belonged to a friend called "Steve".

A search of the home Doolan shared with his wife and sons uncovered a hypodermic needle container and several tattooing needles, identical to those found during an earlier search of the car.

Inside a metal tin, police discovered several green pills which turned out to be meth.

A Queensland driver's licence and other identity cards under the name of Daniel Watson were found in bags.

Police later discovered Daniel Watson had been killed in an accidental shooting accident in 2007.

A large amount of cannabis leaf and seeds were also found.

The Criminal Court of Appeal found Doolan's submissions alleging error on the part of the trial judge were unfounded.

Justice Latham said at no stage was it suggested Doolan was a "person of bad character".

She was also satisfied jurors had been directed appropriately when told by Judge Black "this is not a trial about motor is very important you should not transfer any concern about motorcars into this issue about drugs".

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