Samantha Grant — Meghan Markle’s half sister.
Samantha Grant — Meghan Markle’s half sister. Twitter

Kyle Sandilands blasts Markle’s sister

KYLE Sandilands has blasted Meghan Markle's half-sister, telling her she's a "bore" who should stop "using her sister", before hanging up on her after a trainwreck interview.

The shock jock had been promoting the chat with Samantha Grant all morning, amid reports she's penning a tell-all book about the Suits actress - who just happens to be in a serious relationship with Prince Harry.

It didn't start well, with Grant launching into a wordy rant about her book being about "history" and "bi-racial evolution", insisting the tabloids are just "assuming the worst".

"It's all positive, but the media ... is assuming a horrible tell-all," she said, to which Jackie O (rightfully) asked: "But isn't the title T he Diary of Princess Pushy's Sister?"

Grant then changed tacks, explaining she'd chosen the scandalous title because she had a "background in marketing and promotions", and wanted to make it "controversial."

"So you'll admit you're using your sister's fame and her name at the moment to sell this book, which isn't anything to do with her?" Jackie O pressed.

"No absolutely not, this is my life ... this is my personal life," said Grant, before Kyle had finally had enough and angrily cut her off.

"Then why didn't you call the book my boring life? Why'd you bring your sister into it? Urrrgh ... see you later, you sound like such a bore. I'm not interested. Don't use your sister's name to trick media organisations into pushing your sh*t book. You're gone. See ya - what a loser," he snapped at her, before hanging up.

It was a far cry from the position taken by Kyle and Jackie O's stablemates Hughesy and Kate during their interview with her yesterday afternoon.

Hughesy fired up at news Markle hasn't seen Grant since 2008, despite the fact her sibling is wheelchair-bound with MS.

"I'm not happy with that. You're a paralysed veteran. Your sister hasn't even bothered to visit her paralysed sister for nine years!" he exclaimed. "There's nothing more important than family. And she can afford to fly around the world at the drop of a hat, and to not even visit your sister ..."

He later added: "She's blanked her sister, who needs her, basically."

Grant also revealed Markle had "believed the tabloids" and was furious about rumours of the tell-all book, but hadn't actually contacted her directly.

"I haven't heard from anyone," she said.

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