Knife wielding teenager kept behind bars

THE NSW Supreme Court has refused to reduce the sentence of a boy who brandished a knife at a Ballina school and two years later tried to abduct a five-year-old girl at knifepoint from Ballina Shopping Centre.

The boy, now 19, was a student at Ballina High School when he pulled out a kitchen knife and ran into a classroom full of children in October 2011.

He threatened to stab the school's deputy principal and ran from the classroom before finally surrendering to police on the school's oval.

Ballina Children's Court put him on 18 months probation in March 2012.

He was arrested again in April 2013 after brandishing a kitchen knife during an argument at his older brother's Ballina home.

The argument began after the boy admitted to asking his brother's two young sons to show him their genitals, while his own penis was out of his pants.

He threatened to commit suicide and left the house, but returned a short time later, took a 30cm knife from the kitchen and tried to kick in the bathroom door where his brother was bathing his children.

He was on bail for assault and being armed with intent to commit a crime when he became involved in another knife-related incident.

In May 2013 the boy - then 17 years old - entered Ballina Shopping Centre with his face hidden under a hooded jacket and a scarf.

He stole a large carving knife from a supermarket and made his way to a coin-operated children's ride, where a five-year-old girl was playing with her two younger brothers.

He grabbed the girl by the arm, pointed the knife at her brothers and nearby mother and tried to drag her away.

A man standing nearby stepped in and grabbed the assailant's arms while pushing him against the corner of a kiosk.

The man was stabbed in the hand during the ensuing struggle and received deep wounds to his head from a collision with the kiosk.

About 10 people came to the man's aid and wrestled the boy to the ground, tying his hands behind his back until police arrived.

The Court of Criminal Appeal this week dismissed the attacker's appeal for his five years and three months sentence to be lessened.

His two-year non parole period for juvenile detention was also upheld.

He could potentially be released on parole on May 17.


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