Kirkconnell jail to reopen; bad news for Grafton jail

THE NSW Government has appeared to turn its back on Grafton jail with a decision to re-open the Kirkconnell Correction Centre this morning.

A source in NSW Correctional Services alerted The Daily Examiner to this email from Corrective Services Commissioner Peter Severin to Correctional Services custodial and community staff this morning.



This morning the government announces the reopening of the Kirkconnell Correctional Centre to help accommodate the rising number of prison inmates in NSW.

There are 11,200 inmates in the NSW prison system, which the highest number ever.

Kirkconnell opened in 1961 and expanded in 1990. It was closed in October 2011 because of declining inmate numbers.

It remains in good condition because of maintenance by staff and inmates from Bathurst Correctional Centre.

A work crew of about 60 inmates will move into the centre in the next few weeks to assist in preparing for more inmates who will arrive gradually.

Work will be completed by the end of June 2015.

The centre will remain minimum security and will be used to accommodate younger inmates on relatively short sentences.

It will also serve as a staging post for Oberon Correctional Centre.

There will be about 60 Correctional Services staff as well as staff from Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health at the centre.


Peter Severin


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