Katter: Food labelling plan as useful as ... on a bull

STRAIGHT-talking country pollie Bob Katter has described new food labelling designs flagged by the Federal Government to be as useless as "mammary glands on a bull".

The behatted leader of Katter's Australian Party said the designs will do nothing except push up the price of products.

"It won't make the slightest difference to sales in the supermarkets, it will simply add a needless cost structure," Mr Katter said.

"For heaven's sake we need to warn people about products coming in from overseas, we have asked continually for a warning label on imported foods.

"The prawns and fish that are coming in from overseas farms are choc-a-block with bacteria as most of the rivers in South East Asia have raw sewerage running into them, that water is then put into the farm ponds.

"To counter that the prawns and fish are fed masses of antibiotics, but there's no warning at all that's the case.

"We've had two outbreaks of disease, yet these labels don't come to grips with the disease issue at all.

From Tuesday, the Department of Industry has been asking us to give our opinion on how food is labelled through an online community survey.

The designs (below) have been given as examples by the department.




In April 2015 Mr Katter introduced the Imported Food Warning Labels Bill 2015 into Federal Parliament, which seeks that all imported food products carry the label:

"Warning: Imported food. This food has not been grown or processed under Australian health and hygiene standards and may be injurious to your health."

Mr Katter said today that most people were not aware of just how harmful imported food products could be and the Government's proposed labelling did not address that situation.

"These labelling changes don't deliver an outcome at all, people will continue to eat foreign products that they don't know may be dangerous to their health."

"This is as useful as mammary glands on a bull."


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