KARL Stefanovic squirmed this morning as Today guest Tom Gleeson made a close-to-the-bone joke about his much-publicised love life.

Comedian Gleeson was on the show discussing his infamous 'Hard Chat' segments on the ABC program The Weekly, in which well-known Aussies submit to an interview-slash-roast.

Stefanovic himself had taken part in Hard Chat back in 2015, submitting himself for a five-minute grilling.
"I always find it fascinating to watch you when you really go for that jugular with someone, and they don't know," Stefanovic told his guest.

Karl and Lisa are stunned by Tom Gleeson's quip.
Karl and Lisa are stunned by Tom Gleeson's quip.

"They don't see it coming. I could do that for you right now, Karl, now that you're back in the papers," Gleeson shot back.

A moment of stunned silence was broken by some pained giggles Stefanovic's co-hosts Lisa Wilkinson and newsreader Sylvia Jeffreys.

"I just feel like we'd have a lot to chat about," Gleeson continued, playing dumb.

Lost for words, all Stefanovic could do was make a 'truck reversing' sound effect.

Sylvia Jeffreys couldn't hide her shock. Source:Channel 9
Sylvia Jeffreys couldn't hide her shock. Source:Channel 9

"You opened the goal and I just kicked it right through, that's what happened there," said Gleeson.

"It's like ten - nil," agreed Stefanovic.

Stefanovic's love life has been the fodder of much tabloid speculation since his highly public split from his wife Cassandra Thorburn last year after 21 years of marriage. Recently, the 42-year-old father of three has been pictured with a rumoured new girlfriend, 33-year-old Jasmine Yarbrough.

Gleeson wasn't finished with his sly digs at the Today team. As the interview wrapped, he invited Stefanovic's colleagues to take part in future 'Hard Chat' segments.

"Lisa, you should get involved. Richard [Wilkins] should do it as well. Tim [Gilbert] I'm not sure about. He's not high profile enough. Maybe he can fill in for one of you if you don't turn up," said Gleeson, as the camera cut to the laughing sports reporter.

Stefanovic couldn't help but have the last word:

"Thank you, Tom. I can't stand you."

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