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Kardashian's man 'bribed hostess'

KOURTNEY Kardashian's boyfriend reportedly offered a gate attendant $20 so he could skip the queue for a flight.

Scott Disick - the 28-year-old father of Kourney's 18-month-old son Mason - was in such a rush to board a plane in Chicago that according to a fellow passenger he lost his temper and tried to cut in front of a young couple and their twin babies.

Jeff Glass told the New York Post that Scott refused "to wait in line, and tried to cut ahead of a young couple holding twin babies.

"He then tried to cut in front of an older man who said, 'Who is this schmuck?' He offered $20 to the gate attendant to let him on ahead of everyone else."

Scott was said to have been on his way to a fourth party to celebrate his 28th birthday in Long Island and although he didn't succeed in skipping the queue, he was offered an emergency exit row to sit in by a "star struck" flight attendant.

However, Scott's representative denied the claims, saying: "He never offered any bribes and didn't cut in front of a couple with twins.

"Yes, a flight lady did save him an exit row because she was a fan. The flight had an emergency landing in Detroit, and Southwest had to find another plane and it took 10 hours to get to New York."

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Federal Landcare group established

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