Rosewood resident Kady Ahearn has been cheerleading for the Broncos every year since 2007.
Rosewood resident Kady Ahearn has been cheerleading for the Broncos every year since 2007. Claudia Baxter

Kady has best view on game day

IPSWICH’S Kady Ahearn will have the best seats in the stadium when the NRL season starts in March.

The 22-year-old cheerleader has been a passionate rugby league fan since she was a young girl, with fond memories of watching footy at family barbecues.

And so it was a dream come true for the Rosewood student when she made the team for the Broncos cheerleading squad in 2007.

“The seats I get are the best seats in the house,” Miss Ahearn said.

Far from the catty antics of characters from Bring It On, Miss Ahearn said cheerleaders defied stereotypes.

“Everyone helps everyone out,” she said.

“I get to dance with and meet the most amazing girls.”

Miss Ahearn, who is studying education at the Queensland University of Technology, said most of the Broncos cheerleaders were students or held down a day job.

“It’s a hobby,” she said.

“It’s something we do on a Sunday afternoon.”

The determined young woman said it was difficult to think of a low point to cheerleading, except for maybe when it was raining on the field.

Before the Broncos Miss Ahearn began her cheerleading career for the Jets in 2005 and claimed she was a long-shot to make the team.

But after joining the Broncos squad in late 2007, Miss Ahearn said she had been “whipped into shape”.

The Broncos cheerleaders, trained by dance company Kentertainment, audition for their spot every year, and the modest Miss Ahern said she did not think she would make the squad this time around.

“I’m actually surprised I got in because there are 250 girls in the audition and there are only 20 that get in the team,” she said.

The rugby league/cheerleader tragic said she could not wait for the season to begin in March this year as the cheerleading team had been training hard since November.

“It’ll be good to get to a game,” she said.

Miss Ahearn said she would consider trying out for the Ipswich team if the Jets’ NRL bid was successful.

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