Elliot and Hogan speak in support of medicinal cannabis

BOTH Page MP Kevin Hogan and Richmond MP Justine Elliot has spoken in Federal Parliament in support of the Bill to allow medicinal cannabis.

"This bill is about one thing," Mr Hogan said.

"It is about giving our doctors and our medical professionals a range of options when prescribing pain relief for their patients who cannot take pharmaceutical drugs for various reasons."

CANNABIS FOR MEDICINAL PURPOSES TO BE LEGALISEDI spoke yesterday in Parliament supporting a bill that cannabis be made legal in certain medical situations. This will be when conventional pain relief measures are not working. It needs to be prescribed by a doctor and have tight controls.

Posted by Kevin Hogan MP on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"Patients who are suffering from a terminal illness or other serious medical conditions should be able to access safe, reliable and legal medicinal cannabis," Ms Elliot said.

"In supporting this idea, we are driven by the science, by compassion and by the need to treat people with dignity.

"We firmly believe that the time has come for a national scheme.

I spoke tonight in support of the Bill to allow medicinal cannabis…we need a national scheme to help people who are...

Posted by Justine Elliot MP on Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"As it stands, the situation means that families who access medical cannabis products are now accessing it illegally and, in fact accessing it on the black market.

"That means, of course, that they are at risk of being arrested and convicted, and no-one - no family - should have to choose between getting their loved one the medicine they need and breaking the law. It is simply an unfair choice to have to make."

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