MP seeks gay marriage input

RICHMOND MP Justine Elliot is seeking views from North Coast residents on the same-sex marriage proposal following the passing of an Australian Greens motion urging MPs to gauge community support for the issue.

Ms Elliot, toeing the Labor line, said marriage should be between a man and a woman.

“On the issue of gay marriage, as the Prime Minister has said, the Government believes that the definition that marriage is between a man and a woman, as contained in the Marriage Act, is appropriate,” Ms Elliot said.

“This is Labor Party policy, decided by its members at its national conference.”

Ms Elliot said she had supported changes to benefit same-sex couples in the past.

“Since 2007 we have amended 84 laws to equalise treatment for gay couples in areas such as superannuation, social security, taxation, Medi- care, veterans’ affairs and educational assistance,” she said.

Residents are urged to express their views.

“The Government voted in support of an amended version of the Greens motion which calls upon members of Parliament to gauge the views of their constituents on equal treatment for gay couples, including marriage,” Ms Elliot said.

“Residents on the North Coast hold strong views about this issue, and anyone who wants to make their views known on this or any other matters before the Federal Parliament are encouraged to contact me.”

Any potential policy change on same-sex marriage will be debated at the upcoming ALP national conference in December next year.

To contact Ms Elliot call (07) 5523 4371 or email

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