Junk food addict to fitness fanatic

FEELING GREAT: Jen Hind has lost 35kg through a Bikini Body Challenge with trainer Kody Playford.
FEELING GREAT: Jen Hind has lost 35kg through a Bikini Body Challenge with trainer Kody Playford. Sarah Harvey

PEOPLE are eager to learn how Ipswich mother Jen Hind managed to lose almost a third of her body weight in less than a year.

Her answer is simple: the Bikini Body Challenge - an increasingly popular exercise program offered through Brassall-based personal training business BodySwitch

The 12-week body transformation sessions have seen the 27-year-old shed more than 30kg and go from junk food addict to fitness fanatic.

"I was really depressed about my weight. I remember standing on the scales at 115kg and wanting to burst into tears," the Collingwood Park mum said.

"I had been going to the gym but couldn't really find a way to shake the weight.

"My best friend signed up for the challenge and encouraged me to give it a go. I thought why not, I've got nothing but weight to lose."

BodySwitch owner and trainer Kody Playford said the Bikini Body Challenge was about lifestyle change rather than short-term weight loss.

"It's all about encouraging the participants to make permanent changes in their lives and educating them about healthy eating and exercise," he said.

Ms Hind said the change wasn't easy at first.

"At my first training session, I thought I was going to pass out...my body seriously hated me at the time," she said.

"I struggled to run a 10m lap.

"The sudden change in diet caused my skin to break out and gave me migraines from not eating sugar. But I kept at it and in the first six weeks I had already lost 10kg."

Aside from her weight-loss results, Ms Hind said it was the constant support and encouragement of the women and trainers that kept her motivated.

She has now taken part in the past three Bikini Body Challenges as well as the latest one which kicks off today.

"All of the girls who take part are so encouraging, motivating and really push you to your limits," she said.

"I don't know where I'd be today if it wasn't for the challenges. Kody and the girls are like a second family to me."

As word about the program continues to spread, Mr Playford said the sessions were growing in number each time.

"At our first challenge about 11 months ago, we had 60 girls sign up, in our last one, we had about 110," he said.

"The majority of clients are looking for alternatives to doing the same boring exercise in the same gym day in day out.

"They are seeking more motivation and interaction which my outdoor challenges provide."

To sign up visit bodyswitch.com.au or email Kody at kody@bodyswitch.kody@bodyswitch.com.aucom.au.

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