Josh Matheson.
Josh Matheson. Contributed

Josh's blend of styles makes a perfect cocktail

JOSH Matheson is described as a musical cocktail - one you'd probably like to drink.

This visceral groove of funk combined with vintage blues and a smattering of rock, Matheson's sound goes down smoothly.

Never one to be pigeon holed, Matheson is always searching for inspiration from a smorgasbord of musical delights.

Growing up on the Mid-North Coast, he has been exposed to a diverse world of music that he has spent his life exploring.

From performing and jamming with musicians of all different shapes, ages, genres and abilities, to 'roadying' PA gear for festivals of equally diverse musical range, his musical journey has been far from narrow and anything but predictable.

With a dash of pop, a swig of reggae, a slosh of blues, funk and rock, and even a sprinkle of Latin American, Matheson's cocktail of music leaves you hankering for more.

  • Josh Matheson is playing on Friday from 8pm at the Yamba Bowling Club

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Federal Landcare group established

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