JOHN Williamson might be an Australian icon, but just don't say that to him.

"Icon. I don't know about that. I thought icons were made of steel," he jokes.

The softly spoken singer took time out of his busy schedule on Saturday night to talk to the Gympie Times. Click play on the video to the right to see the full interview.

This year Williamson has celebrated 40 years since he won New Faces with Old Man Emu and scored a recording contract. Old Man Emu went to number 1 and the record Gold.

But John says his favourite of his songs is probably True Blue.

"I've written 350, at least, songs. What is my favourite? Probably, I'll have to say True Blue because it's been my calling card."

And the reaction of the crowd when he performed it on Main Stage on Saturday afternoon only served to cement that statement.

Thousands of people stood shoulder to shoulder on the hill, singing that iconic song at the top of their lungs. It was an unforgettable moment.

Want to catch John Williamson live? Check out his upcoming tour date on his website.

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