Jodi's walk raises awareness of factory farms

HER leg muscles are "pretty sore", but after a 500km walk to highlight the plight of factory farm animals, Mullumbimby’s Jodi Ruckley says she is "pretty fit".

Jodi, founder of Our Place on Earth, walked into Byron Bay last Saturday to complete a journey which started in Canberra 42 days earlier.

Called The Walk For Freedom, the final leg of the journey along Ewingsdale Rd included a silent protest at Sunnybrand Chickens.

Broken into sections to avoid the Pacific Hwy danger spots, the walk included stops in Sydney and Newcastle and other towns along the way.

Jodi and other activists who joined her in the walk, spoke to people about the plight of factory farm animals, handed out vegan food and encouraged people to make food choices "that bring these horrific practices to an end".

She said animals in factory farms were kept in small, overcrowded stalls and cages where they were often unable to turn around or take a step in any direction.

The animals were deprived of exercise, sunlight "and even the feel of grass beneath their feet", she said.

Jodi described the walk and the response from people as "amazing".

"We had so many people join us along the way."

"We have spoken to so many people on the streets who don’t even know factory farms exist," she said.

Jodi’s next project is to create a sanctuary in the Byron Shire which would be a home for rescued farm animals.

She said she was hoping to find someone who would let her use some land to kick-off the project.

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