First picture of Jessica Watson at sea on her boat Ella's Pink Lady.
First picture of Jessica Watson at sea on her boat Ella's Pink Lady.

Jessica battles squid invasion

SUNSHINE Coast sailor Jessica Watson has spent the day cleaning off squid from her Pink Lady yacht after a visit from a school.

After more than a week at sea, Jessica is continuing to make good progress and is slightly ahead of schedule.

She expects to do about 100 nautical miles a day.

“I woke up this morning to find a school of squid had visited me overnight,'' Jessica wrote on her blogsite.

"One of them was a good 25cm long and as I worked on the deck during the day I kept finding more little ones tucked into all sorts of unusual places.

"Hopefully I found them all or I'm going to know about it when they start smelling in a few days!

"Conditions are still pretty quiet, we've had about 14knots of wind right behind us all day so we're rolling along at a steady 5knots.

"After all the usual chores, I spent the morning catching up on a few emails and reading.

"I've been re-reading Kay Cottee's book about her non-stop trip around the world and of course Jesse Martins book Lionheart.

"I love comparing my trip so far with their voyages. After reading how organised Kay was with the housework side of things I've made a new resolve to do better myself!''

Jessica's team said she was continuing to be inundated with supporters on her blog.

"Her blog continues to receive an abundance of inspirational comments from around the world each day,'' a spokesman said.

 "Newspaper columnists are now parading her as a role model, noting that hundreds of teenage Australians die each year after drinking or drugging themselves senseless. There’s certainly zero risk of that in Jessica’s world right now!''

Adventurer Don McIntyre, who loaned Jessica the S&S 34 boat, also protests a risk-averse culture he says is draining teen spirit.  

“We can’t afford to over-protect our kids. They need to find themselves, challenge the natural world, and understand what it is to minimise risk and make good decisions,” said Don.

Jessica passed Norfolk Island today on her way to the equator.

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