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Jamie Lee Curtis claims she "invented Instagram"

THE 56-year-old actress revealed that in 2010 she set up a website where she posted pictures that she and her friends took with their iPhones but once the photo-sharing app Instagram was formed, they stopped using the site.

She told "I actually started Instagram about three years before Instagram arrived - I just didn't have the savvy.

"I recognised that people wanted to share photographs from their iPhones, so I started a Blogspot called iPhoneys for iPhone photographers to share their vision. I invited a group of people who I knew took nice pictures. At that point, I was such a Luddite that they had to actually send me their pictures and then I would upload them to the blog. Eventually I ended up giving everyone the password so they could upload their photos themselves.

"By the time we started doing it with any regularity, Instagram began. So I feel like I was ahead of the curve and saw the future of iPhone picture sharing, yet I have reaped none of the rewards."

The 'Scream Queens' actress repeated her story on Sirius XM's EW Radio and revealed she and her friends soon switched their attention to Instagram.

She explained: "Funny enough, really the day that Instagram was announced is the day that they stopped because as soon as that was available, that's all we did."

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