Liam Tudor (centre) at Ipswich Magistrates Court.
Liam Tudor (centre) at Ipswich Magistrates Court. Rob Williams

'It was a dog act': Banned football player jailed

AN Ipswich footballer has been jailed for an on-field kick he labelled "a dog act" because he was "sooky and angry" about losing a final.

Liam Tudor's life changed for the worst when he intentionally kicked the head of an opposing player who lay defenceless on the ground during an Aussie rules game.

Now at the age of 19 the passionate Ipswich Eagles player is still dealing with the fallout - banned for life from playing with his former club and banned by the AFL for 20 years.

Tudor's lawyer David Gilmore told Ipswich Magistrates Court today the club had been his social group.

Since the attack Tudor has received death threats through social media.

Now he has been jailed for at least two months after pleading guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm to Josiah Dantel on August 19, 2017.

The moment Josiah Dantel player was kicked on the head by Liam Tudor.
The moment Josiah Dantel player was kicked on the head by Liam Tudor.

Mr Dantel was playing for the Redcliffe Tigers at Limestone Park in Ipswich when the assault took place 10 minutes into the third quarter.

Police prosecutor Bronson Ballard showed video taken by onlookers of the moment Tudor put the boot in after Mr Dantel had already been knocked to the ground during play.

He suffered concussion and was taken to hospital, suffering headaches for four days afterward.

Mr Ballard said while the injuries were minor, they could have been much worse. Police accepted Mr Dantel had no ongoing injuries.

Police sought a jail term of three-six months.

When first interviewed a remorseful Tudor told police that what he did was "a dog act".

"I got upset and I kicked him in the head. It's a dog act and something I should get charged for," he said.

"They (Redcliffe Tigers) were a better team and my emotions got the better of me. They had better players, we didn't. I got sooky and angry. I hate losing finals. I saw him on the ground and I put my left foot into the side of his head. I just ran up and kicked him in the head."

In his submission Mr Gilmore outlined Tudor's mental health issues including an anxiety disorder and social phobia.

"He instructs his actions were impulsive and occurred in a couple of seconds. He just very much regrets what occurred in every way," Mr Gilmore said.

Acknowledging a jail term was likely, Mr Gilmore sought immediate release on parole due to his client's youth, mental health issues, and his role as a supportive father.

Magistrate David Shepherd said he accepted the medical report and Tudor's remorse.

"It is a serious example of this offence. Gratuitous and unprovoked assault on a defenceless vulnerable person knocked down by someone else during a sporting game," Mr Shepherd said.

"Video footage seems to support it was a spontaneous event, a serious one.

"Using your foot and wearing football boots."

Mr Shepherd said Tudor had taken significant steps toward rehabilitation and had a supportive father.

He accepted Tudor had suffered consequences and social media attacks by a "mindless group of ignorant trolls".

Describing it as "a spontaneous explosion of anger" Mr Shepherd sentenced Tudor to 12 months jail and ordered he be released on parole after serving two months.

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