Gina Campbell (left) from Emjay's was an hour early for work after a mix up with the alarm on her phone. Cafe manager Mary Griggs reminds Gina of the correct time.
Gina Campbell (left) from Emjay's was an hour early for work after a mix up with the alarm on her phone. Cafe manager Mary Griggs reminds Gina of the correct time.

iPhone cheats owners on sleep

WHAT is worse than working on a Sunday?

Turning up to work an hour early on a Sunday.

A Mooloolaba cleaner could not figure out why there were so many drunk party-goers still on the Mooloolaba Esplanade party strip early yesterday.

Usually when he turns up to work at 4am, they have mostly dispersed and headed home for the night.

He soon learned it was 3am and his iPhone had tricked him.

He was not alone.

Many people with iPhones found themselves woken or at work an hour earlier yesterday when their phone clocks in Queensland randomly joined the southern states in switching to daylight savings time.

There was the cyclist who rang his friends at 4am wondering where they were because he thought it was 5am.

There was the journalist who thought she was 10 minutes late but soon found she was 50 minutes early (yes, me).

Lauren Harris, who works at Nude Deli Cafe on Mooloolaba Esplanade, said her partner’s alarm went off at 4am instead of 5am.

But she said she noticed it was still dark, checked her phone, realised it was a daylight savings error and was lucky enough to turn over and get more sleep.

Gina Campbell, from Emjay’s Coffee on the esplanade, was less fortunate.

She said her iPhone jumped forward to daylight savings time and she was scared would be late for her 8am shift.

She only realised the error when it jumped back to Queensland time and revealed she was an hour early.

“I had woken and looked at the clock at 5.37am. I was laying in bed awake, looked at my phone again and it was 7.22am,” she said.

“I thought I must have fallen asleep so I jumped out of bed, ran to the shower, tried to get the glitter off me from the night before and borrowed a shirt from my roommate.

“I was buttoning up my shirt on the way to the bus stop with no shoes on.

"I stood there about 20 minutes and it didn’t come.

“I rang my boss and got message bank so I apologised for being so late.

“I walked from Cotton Tree to Alexandra Headland and it was pouring with rain.

“Then I looked at my phone againwhile I’m at the Alex bus stop and it’s 6.59am.

“I think it’s funny now but I didn’t think it was funny when I was late for work.

“My best friend’s phone did same thing and another girl I work with had it too.”

Maroochydore physio Sean Campbell had been out for a run when he returned to his Gold Coast hotel to find his wife in a tizz.

“She was waiting at the hotel to checkout and wondering where I was,” he said.

“I checked my phone and I still had half an hour till checkout but her phone had changed to daylight savings time and she thought we were half an hour late.”

They both had iPhones with the same network, one changed and one did not.

Telstra Countrywide general manager Jason Law said the problem appeared to be an issue with individual phones, not networks.

“It seems to be the way some individual phones talk to the network,” he said.

“It just goes to show how much we’re relying on mobile phone technology not just for calls, but for many other purposes.

“One of my colleagues woke up an hour early and it was half an hour before realised he was up too early.

“My Blackberry alarm went off an hour early too because the default was on Hobart time, not Brisbane time.”

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