Stranger's garage crashed after 'voices in the clouds'

"VOICES in the clouds" told a Mackay driver a woman he was searching for was inside the garage of a stranger's house.

Ryan Kayde Lowe then smashed his way inside at 3am, despite the protests of the disbelieving North Mackay home owner.

Mackay Magistrates Court was told Lowe, 27, went into the yard of the house after his car ran out of petrol just outside early on the morning of December 7.

The owner had been unable to stop him breaking through a door and a security door, causing more than $2000 in damage.

"The clouds have told me she is there," Lowe told the resident.

Prosecutor Sheena Hayes said Lowe had been discovered in an enclosed rear area of the yard after bashing noisily on a door and waking the owner and his brother.

Lowe told one brother that his vehicle had broken down and he needed a push.

Despite telling him there was no lady inside, Ms Hayes said Lowe insisted he could hear female voices.

Told the voices were on the television, Lowe grabbed a security grill and used force and kicks to break and force it open. A door was also broken, despite the best attempts of the owner to stop him.

Police were called and found a 30cm knife inside Lowe's vehicle.

Ms Hayes said officers had been unable to question Lowe at the scene because of his mental state, with Lowe repeatedly talking about the clouds in the sky and a girl being in the garage.

Lowe pleaded guilty to entering a dwelling and damaging property and to possession of a knife.

Legal Aid lawyer Chris Schrader said the circumstances were unusual and Lowe had done significant damage. He had been drinking, had heard voices then acted irrationally.

Lowe had since spent 65 days in custody.

Magistrate Ross Risson said the situation would have been "most frightening" for the two residents of the house.

He ordered Lowe's immediate release on parole and ordered him to pay $2136 in compensation.

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