Woman jumps from window to escape alleged assault

A Gladstone man accused of serious domestic violence has been refused bail but says he will contest the allegations if it comes to trial.

The accused, who cannot be named, was charged with one count of assault for obstructing a police officer and the aggravated breach of a domestic violence order.

The court was told during the alleged assault, the aggrieved jumped from a window in an attempt to escape from the man.

Police will allege the man beat down on the woman to the point where she blacked out.

It will also be said that the man's daughter witnessed the assault.

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At the time of the alleged offending the man was on a probation order for a domestic violence offence, police prosecutor sergeant Barry Stevens said.

Sgt Stevens said the attack was "insidious" and a serious example of domestic violence.

He said that in most domestic violence cases, it happens behind closed doors, and there are rarely witnesses.

However, in this case witnesses came forward when the police arrived on scene and told officers that along with the offending, children could be heard screaming from inside.

Sgt Stevens said before police arrived, the man punched himself in the face, to make it seem like he had sustained injuries from the fight.

"There is enough evidence, in my respectful opinion," Sgt Stevens said.

When arrested, the man was asked to provide a blood alcohol content reading, for which he allegedly returned a reading of .148%.

Defence lawyer Rio Ramos said if her client was released on bail he would relocate to Emu park, away from the aggrieved, if it helped to alleviate the magistrate's worry that he would re-offend.

She said her client would also partake in counselling.

Ms Ramos noted that the man's daughter was present in court to support him.

However, given that her client was disputing the charges, Ms Ramos said she would not make any further submissions to the court.

The bail application was refused by Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho.

She remanded him in custody and set his next court appearance for September 26.

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