Indigenous rights activist tours university gardens

BONITA Mabo, wife of the late Indigenous land rights activist Eddie Mabo, is at the University of Southern Queensland today for a tour of the Gumbi Gumbi Gardens.

Mrs Mabo will be touring the garden and leaving her handprint on a one of the cement marker poles.

She has also agreed to be a part of the elders committee that is consulted about the gardens.

Years after her husband's fight for recognition of the traditional owners of Australian land, Bonita Mabo has continued as an activist after Eddie's death in 1992 and still fights for Indigenous rights, such as the rights of the South Sea Islander people.

The Gumbi Gumbi Gardens, which are still under construction, will feature extensive plantings of Indigenous flora used by the local Aboriginal communities for food and medicine, covering about 2.2ha of land and featuring more than 100 plant species.

The gardens have been designed in close partnership with historical elders from Toowoomba and elders of the Jarowair People, the traditional owners of the land on which USQ Toowoomba resides.

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