Dr Joseph Chiappolone is hosting a lecture in Stanthorpe to inform the community about aliens.
Dr Joseph Chiappolone is hosting a lecture in Stanthorpe to inform the community about aliens.

Aliens in a galaxy not so far away

ALIENS are infiltrating Earth and the world’s end is nigh – but don’t worry, you can learn all about it at a conference on April 30.

Stanthorpe-based Dr Joseph Chiappalone has been spreading this message for nearly 30 years, since he was taken to a “craft” and fed information about what’s in store for the human species.

He says people now are finally accepting what he has been preaching and that it was time to provide a platform for discussions.

“People have been falling backwards to tell me about their experiences. They’re starting to speak up now, whereas before they were ridiculed,” he said.

“In the early days I was ridiculed too, but that has very much changed and now people are eating their words.”

Dr Chiappalone has a Phd in metaphysical science and works as a GP in Stanthorpe. He has written about 30 books on his experiences and says things are moving along quickly.

After being given an insight from aliens into what would happen on Earth, he said over the years he has been able to predict things that would happen. He also travelled extensively to pass on the information to others.

“People are now relating to a lot of the information I was given about the world. When I was taken to the craft I was given information about what was wrong with the world and what was going to happen,” he said.

“The whole of Earth is just breaking down – it’s breaking down emotionally, financially, geographically.

“People just can’t live with the dishonesty, exploitation and suffering and a lot of them have noticed they don’t fit into life and they want to know why. The answers given by religion and science just don’t make sense.”

Dr Chiappalone conceded the “end of the world” message has been given before, but said “it hasn’t happened yet”.

He also pointed out science had “confirmed there’s a continuation of the consciousness” and the governments were finding it harder to conceal the evidence.

“The government has released evidence we’ve been interacting with aliens for the past 50 years,” he said.

As for the aliens themselves, Dr Chiappalone said they can take the form of anything they choose.

“They can invade bodies. Some of them are good but a lot are not here for us – (some of them can be) very evil and don’t give two hoots about humans.”

The conference will be held on Saturday April 30 at the CDS Hall next to Centrelink, on Corundum St, Stanthorpe. It will begin at 7.15pm and entry will be free.

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