BRAZEN: Any normal person would resign in shame, wouldn't they?
BRAZEN: Any normal person would resign in shame, wouldn't they? Contributed

I'm already bored with this editorial

IN A WORLD where we, as readers, are already bored reading just these last 16 words (including two commas) and are wondering whether anyone has noticed the latest Instagram post of us nibbling flower sprinkled artisanal kimchi while reclining on faux-boho throw rugs at the five-star resort is actually an advertisement, it's often hard to conduct any kind of meaningful discussion about anything any more.

Especially the newly ascendant parties on the right of our badly shop- soiled political rainbow.

When it comes to the newly mainstream breed of conservative such as One Nation, Fraser Anning and Donald Trump and their enablers in the media, the bar is set very low indeed.

Trump can commit all manner of disgusting acts including lying, adultery and making fun of disabled people and nothing happens.

Anning can deliberately use the words "the Final Solution” (just Google it), claim everyone is overreacting before attending what amounted to a Nazi Party rally and wear the nation's disgust as a badge of honour. That's before his repugnant statement blaming the victims and those still fighting for their lives for the Christchurch terrorist attack.

Pauline Hanson's Oompa Loompas of downward envy can get caught grovelling for $20 million from the National Rifle Association in return for weakening Australia's gun laws, thus endangering Australian lives, and brazen it out playing the victim (as usual), claiming Al-Jazeera entrapped her.

Any decent person would resign in shame.

But for our new conservatives the bar set for decency is not a bar at all, it's more a stinking ditch filled with human filth they wallow in, hoping they can drag everyone else down in there as well so we all wind up smeared with the same putrescence they gleefully bathe in every day - while blaming the elites.

Meanwhile us elitists (those of us who finished high school and bothered to pay attention in history, english, art and science) wring our hands worrying about civilised discourse and overcompensating to right- wing claims of left-wing media bias while those on the right strap on their jackboots and kick civilised discourse in the balls.

When it comes to the right wing, just how low can you go and still call yourself a decent human?

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