OPINION: I hate Valentine's Day

COMMENT BY KATHY SUNDSTROM: I HATE Valentine's Day and here is why.

To me, Valentine's Day is anti-romance. It is a capitalistic, contrived venture best suited for giggly teenagers in a schoolroom setting.

It has little to do with "love" and everything to do with lining shopkeepers' bank balances.

Why do I say this? Because romance is supposed to be spontaneous.

It is heartfelt and genuine and anyone who needs to tell their love they love them through the cheap words of a Hallmark card has a problem.

What I hate the most is the pressure on couples, even old married couples like us, to do something "because it's Valentine's Day".

To quote The Fruit Shed's Anthony Natoli: "If you are in love, every day is Valentine's Day."

My husband has bought me flowers once for Valentine's Day in our nearly 21 years of marriage.

He bought them at an inflated price because a friend had told him he should "because all girls love flowers on Valentine's Day".

I said he should know better.

I've said it before, the most romantic thing my husband can do for me is take his shirt off and wash the windows.

That is sacrifice and isn't love about sacrifice?

The thing I hate second after Valentine's Day for married couples - or those in a long-term relationship with kids - is the whole "date night thing".

I can't understand the concept of getting away from the kids for "alone time" as a couple.

If you want "alone time" switch off the tellie when they've gone to sleep instead of palming them off to some babysitter.

Or even better, stop spending time with your "friends" on Facebook and have a chat to the person next to you.

It is such a 21st century concept that couples need time "away" from their children.

I don't need to "date" my husband. That is so forced and fake.

Of course we need to make time to spend together, but doing it together as a family is so much more fun.

Our children get to see mum and dad kiss and cuddle as a couple in public, which has to be healthy for their development.

And we get the added bonus of skipping the dinner bill and going straight to bed, every single night (even if it is to go straight to sleep).

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