Husband needs to drink wife's breast milk to have sex


The first time it happened in the bedroom *Debra assumed it was an accident and just kept going.

After all, the new mum prides herself at being someone who will try anything once.

But soon it became the only thing her husband *Gary was asking for in bed.

And that's when it became a problem for Debra.

>> Woman quits her job to breastfeed her boyfriend

"It's to the point now where I am throwing my hands up in the air because he isn't listening," she shared in a since-deleted Reddit post.

"Before I had the baby, our sex life was standard. It's just gotten too weird and it's been going on for too long."


This classic lovely captured moment has now been ruined forever.
This classic lovely captured moment has now been ruined forever. Pinterest


Really Gary?

So what is Gary actually into?

Well to put it delicately - it seems like Debra's new baby isn't the only one enjoying her milk supply.

Actually, that might be too polite for what Gary is actually into in the bedroom, but luckily for you, Debra came armed with specifics.

"He just wants to lay in my arms as I rock him back and forth as he j**ks off while drinking my breast milk," she said.

"I mean I guess compared to other couples this doesn't seem like a big problem.

"But he can't even have straight sex with me anymore, he can only get off by sucking my breast milk."

I mean no judgement... but... really Gary?

What should Debra do now?

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Am I overreacting

Now Debra is worried about how to wean her husband off her breast milk when their baby starts on solids soon.

I bet that's a sentence you never thought that you would read...

"I have already talked to him about this and he doesn't think that this is an issue," Debra said.

"He doesn't understand why I feel I need him to wean off the milk.

"Am I overreacting? I don't know what to do. Help!"

"This isn't about breast milk"

Reddit was quick to jump to the rescue - offering Debra some kind advice about how to talk about Gary's unusual request.

"There's nothing wrong with having a kink - something out of the ordinary that turns you on," one woman said.

"But when you have to involve that thing to get off, that's no longer a kink, that's a fetish. And if both partners aren't into that fetish, well, you've got a problem."

"It sounds like just talking about it isn't working, so maybe it's time to drop some serious blunt talk on him, 'Dude, the milk thing is creeping me the fuck out now'," another said.

"Oh, this isn't about breast milk, your husband wants to be treated like a baby! This is called infantilism," a woman said.

"You're lucky he doesn't want you to put a nappy on him."

Freud has been waiting for this one.
Freud has been waiting for this one. Pinterest

"How was his childhood?"

But by far the best comment came from someone who said they have a "background in psychoanalytic studies".

"This sounds like he's getting some primitive unconscious memories from his infancy," the mystery professor said.

"What was his relationship like with his mother? How was his childhood?

"I would suggest that the best thing might be to start a conversation about this, not by telling him he should be weaned off - but why does he think this gets him off?

"It might be weird to think about this, but if you know of the Oedipus Complex which is a very important developmental stage it isn't so weird. If he seems uncomfortable, maybe suggest seeing a therapist? Or if he disagrees you could see one just to get some more insight."

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