Owner thinks dog's ear shot off by quad bike rider

A HUMPTY Doo dog owner is calling for tighter restrictions for quad bike riders after his dog's ear was "blown off" by a gunshot.

The man, who asked not to be identified, said the incident took place about 2.30pm on a Saturday late last month, after two of his dogs escaped his yard - fearful of the storm.

"One of my dogs got shot and the other went missing," he said.

He suspects the perpetrator was one of the many quad bike riders who hoon around his Wagtail Ct property.

"There was a big storm - a lot of thunder and lightening, my dogs were running around the yard," he said.

"As I got up to look around my yard I heard a couple of gunshots ... my female dog was at the fence trying to get back in, her ear blown off."

The man said the problem with reckless quad drivers was getting worse and dozens speed along Gunn Point Rd.

"These quad bikes are just ridiculous ... I've been threatened with a crossbow before.

"Any time you go down Gunn Point there's at least a quad or a number of motocross bikes. I don't think any animal is safe - this was deliberate; there should be a law against quad bikes and guns."

A NT Police spokesman said quad bikes and ATV were topical issues in the Territory and some people rode them illegally.

"Local police supported by Darwin Traffic Operations conduct regular operations and traffic enforcement in the greater Darwin area including that of Howard Springs."

He said police had investigated the incident.

The spokesman also said the dog's injury was confirmed as a non-fatal gunshot wound.

"Possible offences include Section 9 of the Animal Welfare Act, cruelty to an animal which carries a maximum penalty of 150 penalty units or 18 months imprisonment and or discharging firearms on certain land which carries a maximum penalty of 50 penalty units and or 12 months imprisonment," he said.

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