How your home can earn you big $$$$ this Christmas

YOUR home could pay for your overseas vacation this Christmas.

Many people across the Sunshine Coast are planning luxurious holidays to international destinations while they rent out their home to cashed up tourists looking to stay on the Sunshine Coast.

And while renting out your home "is definitely not for everybody" it can be a good money spinner.

One Marcoola home owner, who asked to remain anonymous, has been renting out the family home for the last three Christmas periods.

Last year her family went to Vietnam and "the whole trip was paid for by renting out our home".

This year they are planning a trip to Europe and expect half of the cost paid for.

Their home is not top of the market, it is a good quality family home in a nice location.

And it doesn't even have to be that good.

A room in a small, humble home in Mount Coolum is listed on Airbnb for $46 a night (as pictured above). There is also an extra $50 cleaning and service fee for the entire stay.

The Marcoola home owner said rental income varied from $2800 a week to $4800 a week over the peak Christmas period.

It is fully booked for the entire month they are away.

The home owner chooses to do it through a real estate agent, Vicky Dinsmore, of Prestige Holiday Homes as the entire process was organised from start to finish.

Twin Waters Merran Dobson is also putting her family home on the holiday rental market with Vicky this Christmas.


This luxury Twin Waters home rents out over Christmas for more than $6000 a week.
This luxury Twin Waters home rents out over Christmas for more than $6000 a week.

She was amazed at how much money it could bring in.

The home, which accommodates eight people, is advertised for $6450 a week over the peak period and it is booked for Christmas and the January long weekend.

This year Ms Dobson is staying with friends over Christmas, but in the future she plans to use the income to "go overseas".

The Marcoola home owner said renting your home out "wasn't for everyone" as it involved a lot of work.

"It is not like house swap, you have to clean your home out.

"The things you are possessive about, you have to pack away and you need to leave the cupboard's empty."

They stored their goods in the backyard shed and have, over the years, become like a "well-oiled machine" storing goods in big, plastic containers.

"You have to take down personal photographs and leave generic pictures.

"It has to feel like a holiday home, not like you are living in someone's house.

But the advantages outweighed the inconvenience.

"It is paying for your holiday and somebody is taking advantage of your great place to have a holiday," she said.

"It's a win-win.

"It is also a spring cleaning opportunity and when you come home, you come home to a bond cleaned house."

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