Lennox Head artist Klee Shade, aka Rhys Walker.
Lennox Head artist Klee Shade, aka Rhys Walker.

How this Lennox ‘fake band’ started getting played on radio

BEG For Rain is the first release by Northern Rivers artist Klee Shade.

Klee Shade is the moniker of Lennox Head-based artist Rhys Walker, who played every instrument in the recording.

"I'm responsible for this 'fake band', it's not just me playing all instruments, pretending to be five people, but also producing, mastering, etc," he said.

Beg For Rain was released online this week, although an earlier version of this song had been heard publicly before, the artist said.

"I released a very raw version of this song in 2015, and it made into a compilation that was played in community radio across the country," he said.

"With this new debut single, a refined, perfected version of the song that ended up on all those radio stations, I'm kicking things into serious gear with the expansion of this project.





The song, he said, is different to what you hear around these days.

"I think this place in the world has a lot to do with where the sound of it came from," he explained.

"The song opens with an unconventional acoustic tapping introduction, but quickly unfolds into stoic songwriting, leading to a finale section that is ethereal in a way, I think, has not been achieved ever before.





"One of the final lyrics in the song, when it reaches its peak, is 'Just take it slow, settle in for the ride …' - which I've been using as a tagline for (social media) posts."

Klee Shade said popularity and fame are not his final goal.

"Through these successes, I've never had any desire to rock star it up," he said.

"I was simply thankful for music as a vent for the emotional turmoil of my home life."

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