OPINION: How about some credit for NSW?

AS I pen the first words of today's editorial I already know that at least 95% of those reading this will disagree with what I have to say.

"So say nothing", I can hear many of you shout out!

Well, it's not quite that easy because as you may already know I am a true blue NSW supporter and for the past decade I have had little to celebrate.

I am proud to say I didn't whinge during Queensland's long domination saying such things as "we were robbed", or "the refs cheated us", I just admired Mal Meninga's warriors and wondered if we could ever find enough stars to topple them.

The cracks in the Maroon brick wall started appearing last year and it's now history NSW squeaked home in game three.

Like the champion team they are Queensland picked themselves up off the canvas in game one this year and got home.

On Wednesday night NSW fought back and that sets up this series for a great decider at ANZ Stadium.

If the tickets didn't cost as much as a return airfare to Singapore I would even be going along to watch.

My message to Queensland fans is simply in a rugby league match you get some great calls and some poor ones.

I agree you would think with four officials on the ground and another two watching on a replay screen that they'd get it right, but sometimes they make some blunders.

I personally thought they got the Inglis call spot on and could in fact have called two knock-ons and said Inglis was off-side when he picked up the ball, but what does it count what I think.

The game is now done and dusted and no boo-hooing will make a difference.

I am just concerned if NSW does win the decider, will I still have to listen to as much whining and whingeing as I have in the past 24 hours.

Give the Blues some credit; after all it takes a great team to beat another great team.


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