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Horrifying clip emerges of teen dangling from cruise ship

A HORRIFYING video has emerged of a teen dangling from the side of a cruise-ship in a near-fatal stunt.

The clip, shared to Twitter, shows the young man laughing as he climbs over the Carnival Liberty's railing and hangs over the water, reports

A small crowd of other passengers laughed as he makes his way back on deck.

"This literally made my heart beat super fast and made me nervous. Kids just don't understand that they are not invincible," ship passenger Buffy Halbrooks Augustine said.

"He thought he was having fun and never considered the possibilities."

"It's incredibly dangerous. He would have been sucked under immediately," ship passenger Marcus K. told KPRC 2.

Carnival, the company who owns the ship, released a short statement after the clip went public.

"We recently became aware of the video and are investigating. We strongly condemn any such behaviour by our guests that puts themselves or others at risk."

The teen has so far yet to be identified.

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