A Noosa rapist has argued he is being detained illegally.
A Noosa rapist has argued he is being detained illegally. John Weekes

'Horrendous' Christmas Day sex attacker's release concerns

A DEFIANT rapist who subjected a woman to a horrific Christmas Day attack has voiced "trenchant opposition” to supervised release from jail.

Kym Spoehr attacked a Japanese tourist at Noosa National Park in 2001 and held her captive.

At a hearing on Friday, prosecutor Jeffrey Rolls said Spoehr, now in his mid-60s, had voiced indignation at a supervised release, in what was a "rather unusual” case.

The prosecutor said one mental health professional felt if this "trenchant opposition” continued, Spoehr would be ineligible for release.

In Queensland, jailed sex offenders can be put on supervision orders, released on parole with supervision, or given continued detention.

Mr Rolls said Spoehr recently insisted he was being detained illegally.

"He sounds a little upset,” Justice Martin Burns told the court.

But Spoehr's barrister Malcolm Harrison said the rapist had spoken to a psychologist recently.

And Spoehr was willing to engage with the same psychologist again, Mr Harrison said.

Two years ago, Justice Peter Flanagan refused to release Spoehr, citing the rapist's refusal to take part in sex offender programs or get psychological therapy.

Spoehr had a criminal history spanning four states, from 1968.

The case will be heard again on October 16.

In 2003, Spoehr was sentenced to 14 years jail.

He beat the 29 year-old woman, dragged her to a campsite, and degraded her during a 12-hour ordeal.

In 2003, a court heard Spoehr told police the woman he attacked "was a nice lady and that what he had done was bloody horrendous”.

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