Holidays are for the young and fit

EARLY morning on the first day of autumn and as I crossed the sand dunes and caught a first glimpse of the ocean, it was near perfect.

A small, solid swell looking like it had been made by a glassblower, thousands of black and white butterflies gliding on the ever so slight westerly breeze, and two staffies madly humping at the water's edge.

Welcome to Wurtulla when the surf is pumping.

As I walked past with my very manly toy poodle the two dogs were far too busy to give us a second glance, as were the two kids watching, probably getting a head start on biology, while the owners of the dogs were oblivious to the circus on the beach as they were making the best of the dropping swell.

As I considered how the picture-perfect morning was slightly tarnished by a six-legged dog, it sort of summed up my previous two weeks and the start of my third and final week's holiday.

I had decided I needed a break starting the middle of February, which coincided with a meeting I had to attend in Mackay, so I thought I would take annual leave then and follow up with two weeks at home, helping old mate, exercising and chilling out where possible.

Mackay was the start, three days sitting on what seemed like an old dining chair, and the bit of a twinge in my back not as big as the cyclone heading our way.

History shows it went straight past without hardly a shower of rain.

The next day, the back a bit sorer, the airport closed, we were forced to watch disaster TV all day.

We got out that night a couple of hours late, arriving home to a very wet Sunshine Coast but with most of the bad stuff behind us.

The next morning the canal I swim and paddle in looked like the Buderim tip and my back had got worse, but I soldiered on and went for a paddle, which was a massive mistake as the next day I couldn't move and had to get my very kind neighbour, who happens to be a physio, to come to the rescue.

Yes I got a real treat for my holidays, sciatica. Having a baby must be painful, because the pain was unbelievable.

In saying that, after three days of not being able to sit or lay down I decided I may as well start walking, which has helped immensely.

In another life I could be a holiday planner.

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