DON'T QUIT: You might be feeling worn out but resigning just before Christmas isn't recommended.
DON'T QUIT: You might be feeling worn out but resigning just before Christmas isn't recommended. KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Ho, ho, hold off quitting

IN CASE it's somehow slipped past your attention, there's precious little left of 2016.

Before we know it, we'll be staring down the barrel of New Year's Eve, and Coles and Woolies will be stocking shelves with hot cross buns and chocolate bunnies.

For many of us, the end of the year - and the beginning of the new one - is a time to take stock and consider our career options.

New year, new career, plenty of us chirrup between Christmas shandies and New Year's Day headaches.

If you're considering tossing in your current gig for something new and fresh in 2017, make sure it's a well-considered decision.

Don't rush into your boss' office on your last day before Christmas holidays and announce your departure from the business.

It's been a long year, you're probably worn a bit ragged, and the idea of just not coming back after Christmas might sound good, but isn't realistic.

For one, hiring tends to slow down around Christmas.

With staff taking holidays and business shutting up shop for even just a few days, the whole hiring process becomes more drawn out.

It's like moving house - it's always a bit painful, and best not done around Christmas time.

Given that, pulling up stumps pre-Christmas can leave you benched for longer than you'd like.

It might feel like convenient timing, but a new job is a big decision, and one that should be weighed on its own merits, without the festive shadow of Christmas lurking just around the corner.

If you're lucky enough to have a decent chunk of time off to see out the year, use that time to consider your career aspirations for 2017.

You might find that what you need isn't actually a new job, but a bit of time away from work to refresh and refocus, and to set some lofty-yet-attainable goals for the new year.

Your employer will no doubt have their own goals for 2017, but setting personal goals will help keep you motivated.

Sure, you're a team player and happy to contribute to the collective goals, but keeping something aside just for yourself gives you something to focus on when everything else inevitably goes pear-shaped (because let's be honest, despite how capable and talented we all are, work will, inevitably, go pear-shaped).

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