IT'S rare, 105 years old and calls Gympie home.

A silver 1910 Hupmobile is the region's oldest registered vehicle.

You'll also find a silver 1911 Vauxhall sedan, a green 1914 Model T Ford sedan and a 1919 red Buick here and some rare motorbikes including a red 1916 Indian Model B.

Special APN research reveals the district is teeming with rides from yesteryear and many are on the state's registration database.

In Australia, vehicles pre-dating 1904 are called ancestor; cars made between 1905 and 1919 are known as veteran; those created between 1920 and 1930 are vintage; cars manufactured between 1931 and 1939 are post-vintage; and some vehicles made between 1931 and 1980 are classic.

Early 20th century car expert Bob Burley said the region's enthusiasts were helping preserve the country's automotive history.

"Once they're gone, you'll never get them back," the Veteran Car Club of Australia Queensland president said.

"They are important to Australia's history - it's all about preserving living history."

The RACQ's Steve Spalding said the passion for old cars could be a lifetime calling.

"Firstly it may be an opportunity that later in life they have the time and the means to buy and restore one of those vehicles that they might have owned briefly when they were younger," the technical and safety policy executive manager said.

"It is very much a labour of love - it's about that extra repair work, restoration and TLC that goes into making that car something that they're proud of and want to show off.

"That's why it becomes much more than just a functional vehicle.

"This is something they have a real connection with."

Mr Spalding said owning a piece of automotive history was not for everyone.

"Many of these vehicles - although they were very simple and basic in their day - require a lot of upkeep and there can be difficulty in tracking down parts," he said.

"The roadworthiness is just the minimum requirement."

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