Shane Diehm outside a Sydney pub after day one of his trial yesterday.
Shane Diehm outside a Sydney pub after day one of his trial yesterday.

Alleged hash cookie party of high ranking cops on film

EVIDENCE of ecstasy pills and "hash cookies" being consumed at a party attended by high-ranking police officers from across NSW, was captured during a major undercover sting targeting North Coast officers, a Sydney court has heard.

Part one of a hearing into allegations former Tweed/Byron Inspector Shane Diehm lied to the NSW Police Integrity Commission, revealed the police watchdog had called on the Queensland Crime and Misconduct Commission to help with Operation Ischia - an internal investigation into the supply and use of drugs in police ranks in October, 2010.

Undercover surveillance cameras were installed in the lounge rooms and kitchens of two upmarket hotel rooms on the Gold Coast after investigators suspected drugs were being sourced by police in the lead up to a "binge weekend" beginning on October 8.

Phone taps allegedly confirmed Diehm had paid for one of the hotel rooms and a party, which the court is expected to hear was a send-off for retiring Superintendent John Alt, was to be attended by several former and serving officers including former Hunter Valley Inspector Matthew Dennis and NSW police officer turned Federal Police air marshal Darren Kolosque.

It will also be alleged serving Mullumbimby Sergeant Roderick Morris and former officers Robert Reid and Brett Fitzgibbon were part of the celebrations over the course of two-days.

Criminal charges stemmed from evidence given about the weekend, which PIC deemed to be false following a series of private hearings in 2011.

In the footage played in the Downing Local Court on Monday, Diehm and his colleagues can be seen standing around a kitchen bench drinking alcohol and making jokes.

On the evening of October 8, one of the men can be clearly heard saying "Come into my office, I've got some freshly baked cookies".

The court heard Diehm is expected to allege that several of the statements attributed to him in the transcripts of the footage before PIC were in fact made by someone else.

Magistrate Ellen Skinner noted that the defence rejected it was Diehm who could be heard saying "Where are the pills? We've paid a couple of hundred dollars for those f***ers".

The court heard Diehm had admitted to PIC that someone had said to him "there's something on the kitchen table for you" and that he had taken the pill, knowing it was illegal.

Diehm is expected to be challenged as to why he remembered using drugs but had no recollection of others doing the same, when CCTV footage allegedly suggested otherwise.

Psychiatrist, Dr Olav Nielssen, gave evidence that in his opinion, Diehm was suffering from chronic depression , post-traumatic stress relating to his duties as a police officer and often consumed an amount of alcohol which caused him to black out.

He said there may have been "a whole bunch of similar weekends" which had led to the confusion and put forward the scenario that "if you play golf once a year, you remember a lot more than if you play it every weekend".

The hearing continues.

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