Robert Hughes in Hey Dad!
Robert Hughes in Hey Dad!

Guilty Hey Dad actor sobbing in court dock, "I'm innocent"

ROBERT Hughes continues to profess his innocence as the jurors, who this afternoon found-him guilty of nine child sex offences, continue to deliberate the two remaining charges.

The former actor, who played Martin Kelly in the popular 80's family show Hey Dad! is sobbing in the dock and has screamed "I am innocent".

His wife and agent are also in court.

The 11 charges against Hughes relate to the assault of four girls aged between six and 15.

The jury has returned a guilty verdict for nine of the offences while Judge Peter Zahra has sent them away to discuss the outstanding two.

At least one of the guilty verdicts relates to Hughes exposing himself to a girl at the Channel 7 studios where the show was being filmed.

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