MAJOR MOVEMENTS: Grafton Ghosts have announced  Mekeely Heron  will join their league tag side.
MAJOR MOVEMENTS: Grafton Ghosts have announced Mekeely Heron will join their league tag side. Belinda Martyn

Heron joins Ghosts as club readies for first league tag side

RUGBY LEAGUE: Following the successful inaugural season of Group 2 ladies league tag in 2017, Grafton Ghosts are ready to introduce their own league tag outfit this season.

The club put the call out for interested women at the end of last year and expected to host a meet and greet with prospective players on Tuesday evening at Frank McGuren Field.

Co-coaches Rhys Hambly, Joel Moss and Mitchell Gorman said they were looking forward to the evening to get a scope for the talent looking to don the blue and white in 2018.

Hambly admitted he had already been in talks with several women including Ellie Moss and Lower Clarence's Mekeely Heron who indicated they would come to the Ghosts this year.

"Ellie has a lot of touch football experience which will be good for the club while Mekeely's efforts in NRRRL league tag last year and her involvement in rugby league is second to none,” Hambly said.

"With it being our first year in the competition, having the experience of these two will really be invaluable to our squad.”

It will be a tough season in the Gorman household, with girlfriend Jozee Adamson opting to continue playing for the South Grafton Rebels women this season despite the emergence of Grafton.

"We've had the conversation about her coming across plenty of times, but she was not interested,” Gorman said.

"It's fine, it will just be an extra bit of fun each time we come up against them. I might be in the doghouse if we win though.”

The Ghosts are expecting to play a fun game of touch between the women who show up on Tuesday night, before they get to know each other over a barbecue at the ground. It starts at 6pm.

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