21 YEARS: Lee Spykers from the Byron Bay Herb Nursery with Costa Georgiadis
21 YEARS: Lee Spykers from the Byron Bay Herb Nursery with Costa Georgiadis Contributed

Costa helps Byron Bay Herb nursery celebrate 21 years

BYRON Bay Herb Nursery is celebrating 21 years in business this Saturday, and ABC Gardening Australia host Costa Georgiadis will be there to get the party growing.

Costa will conduct garden walks at 11.45am and 12.45pm and be part of a panel discussion with Byron Mayor Simon Richardson and Mandy Nolan at 2pm.

He will also be presenting one of the workers, Danielle Brearley, with a 10-year service award.

The nursery opened for business in the Byron Bay Arts & Industry Estate in November 1992 and provides employment and training opportunities for people with an intellectual disability who require on-going support to work.

Manager Nick Thom started at the business in 2007 taking over from founder Lesley Bayliss

"They wanted someone with a background in finance, disability services, community nurseries and marketing," Mr Thom said.

"My career had not made much sense up until that point and, when I took this job, I really thought I had found my niche.

"This nursery is an Australian disability enterprise and we employ 25 people, with 15 of those having disabilities.

"As a business we are unique in that the support staff is here to work for the workers who are the actual owners of the business.

"They have their own committee and are involved in decision-making. It's all about empowerment, giving gainful employment and works skills.

"It is very fulfilling work. They are such positive people and some have been here for 20 years - they really give it 110%."

This will be Costa's first visit to the garden and the team is very excited to meet him.

"They watch the show regularly and share his enthusiasm for the environment and gardening," Mr Thom said.

"All the workers are currently studying Cert II in Horticulture and Costa will be presenting them with a certificate of participation."

The day begins at 10am with a Byron Bird Buddies Wetland Walk.

Byron Bay Herb Nursery is in Bayshore Dr, Byron Bay. For details call 6685 5109 or go www.byronherbs.com.au

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