Helicopter crashes into busy bar in #glasgow #clutha
Helicopter crashes into busy bar in #glasgow #clutha

Eight dead and 14 injured as police chopper crashes into pub

SUNDAY: EIGHT people were confirmed dead today after a police helicopter crashed through the roof of a packed Glasgow music pub.

It was feared that the death toll could rise, when emergency services hope to raise the wrecked aircraft from the shell of the Clutha, a bar in central Glasgow. But police were not discounting the possibility that some people inside could still be alive, insisting that a rescue operation was still under way, although the chances appeared slim.

Emergency service sources said there could be 10, or possibly as many as 20, people, alive or dead, inside.

One grief-stricken man said today that he had been told that his father had been sitting in his favourite spot at the bar when the helicopter crashed down on top of him.

He planned to stay outside the Clutha until he learned the fate of his father for certain.

SATURDAY 9.24AM: A journalist on the scene of a helicopter crash at a Glasgow pub has reported police as saying "There are a few confirmed dead. There were three in the copter."

Names have not yet been released and the number of dead remains unconfirmed.

First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond has also tweeted that "given an incident of this scale, we must all prepare ourselves for the likelihood of fatalities."

EARLIER: Images uploaded to twitter show a police helicopter has crashed into the roof of a pub in Glasgow, Scotland.

The reports show emergency services and patrons helping to evacuate the Clutha pub.

A man on the scene, Wesley Shearer, posted: "This is unbelievable. Just spent 20 minutes pulling people out the bar. Apparently a helicopter crashed on the roof."

No injuries or fatalities have yet been reported.

More to come.

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