Naked male jogger ‘came out of the bush towards me’

A SUNSHINE Coast woman has released a warning to other runners after she was confronted by a naked man in a national park this morning.

Kate Gazzard was running alone through Mooloolah River National Park at Sippy Downs this morning

"I headed off down a one way path, came round a bend and a naked middle-aged, heavy set Caucasian man came out of the bush towards me," Mrs Gazzard said.

"He was wearing a blue cap and running shoes... but he wasn't out there to run.

"I turned and think I ran a 5km PB getting out of there."

She called the police, and said while the incident wouldn't stop her running, she was now looking for a running partner.

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"It has shaken the naivety out of me.

"It won't stop me running but next time I'll be armed with my newly purchased Tigerlady self defence tool." 

Police said they were aware of the incident and would conduct extra patrols in the area.

They said it was the first time the naked man had been reported in the national park.

But urban adventure race organiser and athlete Darryn Quinn saw the man running nake about six months ago.

He regularly runs in the area, and is currently preparing to host an event in the area.

"I have seen him once, and some girls from Lazy Runner have seen him too," Mr Quinn said.

"It was kinda weird and not one of those things I thought about until I went past. It's all quite peculiar."

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