"Textbook internet predator" guilty of raping 16-year-old

A "TEXTBOOK internet predator" has been found guilty of raping a 16-year-old girl he lured to his house through the internet.

Adam Patrick Gallagher, 42, used multiple online pseudonyms to "emotionally blackmail" the girl into coming to his Goodna house on September 14, 2011, where he raped her.

Gallagher was found guilty by a jury of four counts of rape at the Ipswich District Court.

Gallagher used a series of online pseudonyms, a fake Facebook page, and a mobile phone SIM card registered to a non-existent person at a false address to convince the Walloon girl to come to his Brisbane Terrace home.

The girl believed she was in an online relationship with a man named James Wilson, one of the personas Gallagher created.

She met Wilson at an online chat site where the court heard most of their discussions took place.

The girl and Wilson communicated for a period of months and talked on the phone numerous times as well as online.

Gallagher, who pleaded not guilty to raping the girl, said he had met her on a chat site which he didn't know the name of and had since closed down.

The court heard the girl and Wilson also talked on a Facebook account under Wilson's name and on a mobile phone number which records showed were being sent from the same handset as Gallagher's phone number and from the same locations as Gallagher.

Wilson told the girl another of Gallagher's personas had been bashed by a man who lived on Brisbane Tce. She was told the man who assaulted him had seen a picture of her and wanted to meet her or would bash him again.

The girl said she felt guilted into going to the house where she said she was met by Gallagher.

The court heard she was forced to kiss him under the threat of violence.

He then took her to a bedroom where she was blindfolded and raped by Gallagher.

She said after the rape he showed her a picture of a man with a gun to his head and told her she "was lucky that hadn't happened to her", and left her to find her own way out of the house and home.

Crown prosecutor Peter O'Connor said the girl's account showed a "spider weaving his web".

Mr O'Connor said the girl's story was so incredible, it couldn't have been made up.

Gallagher denied the charges and said the girl visited his house knowing who she was going to meet and engaged in consensual sex with him. His defence team said the girl lied and was "on a rollercoaster she couldn't get off".

He denied having pseudonyms, and said he didn't know she was 16 until after they had sex.

During cross-examination Gallagher admitted to the court he lied while under oath in an attempt to "protect the feelings" of the girl who had accused him of raping her.

"If you were accused of rape falsely, would you be concerned with the feelings of your accuser?," Mr O'Connor said.

"He's lied on the stand under oath. He's admitted to it. He fabricated part of his evidence."

Gallagher was remanded in custody until May 2 for sentence.

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