STILL FIGHTING: One Nation leader Pauline Hanson believes she still has a chance of winning the seat of Lockyer.
STILL FIGHTING: One Nation leader Pauline Hanson believes she still has a chance of winning the seat of Lockyer. Inga Williams

Hanson not ready to concede Lockyer

PAULINE Hanson says she is still a chance of winning the seat of Lockyer with a full count of the vote set to start in the next 24 hours.

The One Nation leader trailed sitting LNP MP Ian Rickuss by 184 votes yesterday with the notional allocation of preferences all but completed.

Gaining the necessary ground on Mr Rickuss appears to be a bridge too far for Ms Hanson in what she described as an "awfully, awfully close" election count.

Ms Hanson told the QT yesterday there were still 230 votes to be counted with postal votes still coming in. She said a full count would take place today or tomorrow.

"I still think I have got a chance," she said.

"This is notional preferential voting and I am only slightly behind.

"It is still very close. It is hard to call. But I certainly haven't got myself over the line.

"But I do thank the people of the Lockyer for their vote, for the confidence they have shown in me and for wanting me to represent them.

"I have got some numbers going through my head, but I am very relaxed.

"If I don't win this I feel I have done an exceptionally good job considering it was such a short campaign and that I was unknown in the area.

"I didn't have the money to throw behind me like Rickuss did, and he has been there for 10 years and has all that experience and contact with the people. But the message I am hearing is that people have had enough of him.

"The old farmers stick with the Nationals but they have done nothing for them. If only they realised their way of life is going to be destroyed by the two-party system.

"People have got to look beyond that with their loyalty, because the major parties have not been loyal to them."

The One Nation leader said a plethora of Labor voters had ignored the party's how to vote cards, which had the LNP preferenced last and Ms Hanson off the card all together.

"The majority of them have filled in the ticket and put Rickuss last," she said.

"I think they were incensed that Labor left me off the ticket completely, so there has been a backlash."

Ms Hanson said that win or lose she would still be involved in the issues in the Lockyer.

"I am still trying to help some locals from the Grantham floods and I have spoken to the Laidley Crisis (Care and Accommodation) Centre and they are having a volunteers day and I intend to get involved with that as well.

"I hear there is a big drug problem in the electorate. The youth need to be looked after.

"It is a matter of everyone, including the state MP, pulling together. I'd get people in to do some counselling and explain to the kids about the dangers of taking drugs, not passing the buck and saying it is a social issue."

Ms Hanson said, if elected, she would be the people's voice in parliament.

"If I do end up there, and am one of those with the balance of power, there is so much I can do for the electorate and for Queensland in getting good policies looked at.

"The media will focus on what I have to say whereas Rickuss will blend into the woodwork."

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