Byron Bay's Belongil Beach foreshore after taking a pounding from heavy seas.
Byron Bay's Belongil Beach foreshore after taking a pounding from heavy seas. Northern Star

Group wants action on beach erosion

BYRON United has called on the Byron Shire Council and the State Government to help those people who are trying to protect their foreshore homes from serious erosion.

President Ed Ahern said Byron Bay was undergoing a serious crisis and needed help.

“Natural disasters are one thing, but council and the government actively preventing its citizens from protecting their homes in the face of such disasters is criminal,” he said.

“However, the focus on the houses diverts attention from the dire need to protect the last line of dunes that is preventing large-scale inundation.

“Severe erosion is not only threatening the homes of those who live at Belongil Beach but could open the way for catastrophic flooding of Byron Bay, with some of the town being at or below sea level.

“At the very least these homeowners should be allowed the right to undergo their own protection measures.”

Mr Ahern said that the lessons learnt from the Victorian bushfires clearly showed the affect of policies that prevented the removal and management of fuel loads.

He said this had directly resulted in a human, ecological and economic disaster.

“The policies relating to the coastline in Byron are an exact parallel,” Mr Ahern said.

“Considering the large number of natural disasters this country has been subjected to, it would compound the tragedy if our council and government actively refuse to help their citizens.”

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