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Big Joe draping his toes over the nose. Inbyronbaytodaycom

Days of frustration waiting for expected waves

AS I sit here in the office tapping out this column, I find myself agitated, as I suspect most surfers were on Wednesday.

There was a big southerly blow that swept up the coast.

It had been held down low for days, and the general consensus was that it should bring waves.

The question was when?

On Wednesday morning it was showing signs, but it was taking its sweet time.

Was it going to arrive before sunset, or do that really annoying trick of peaking during the night, only to drop off rapidly again the next morning?

By the time this goes to print, we'll know. But right now as I write this, the majority of the crew on the coast are driving around frantically looking for signs of what will show.

It's kind of funny how the promise of swell can do that to surfers; get us all buzzing around wildly before the event.

My gut feeling is that it will have peaked in the middle of Wednesday night only to drop quickly during Thursday and even more on Friday. But I reckon this might be good news, not bad.

This particular swell is straight south, and its source should get quickly manipulated by a couple of high-pressure systems that are pushing out into the lower Coral Sea and The Tasman.

This will swing it through southeast to east and that's a lot better news than a big south swell marching up the coast in deep water, giving us all a tease.

So there should be waves at most spots early in the mornings with the winter offshore breeze. But expect light onshore wind during the afternoons.

One thing to keep in mind, Splendour In The Grass is on this weekend, and that means massive congestion if you're coming anywhere near Byron for a wave.

If crowds are not your thing, you may want to head south this weekend.

Saturday we can expect light early morning W wind swinging S/SE 5-13kts as the day warms up.

There should be about 1-1.5m of E/SE swell with pulses up to 2.5m at times.

Sunday the early morning W will most likely be short lived being quickly replaced with E/NE onshore wind around 10-15kts.

The swell could drop to a consistent 1-1.5m but should swing straighter E making it appear bigger.

Saturday looks like the pick, with more chance of offshore winds in the morning, but both days early will be best.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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